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Suja Lowenthal


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Firefly BallThe Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition will be honoring Vice Mayor Lowenthal with the  "Innovator Award" at their Firefly Ball on October 30.  She will be the first to receive the award in recognition of her role in bringing bicycle friendly elements to Long Beach.  
Suja is very proud of her role in championing changes to Long Beach's infrastructure, programming and culture in support of bicyclists and pedestrians. What had been largely a staff initiative relegated to more modest projects received greater attention following her request for a study session in 2006, and ensuing council motions calling for bolder infrastructure and programs setting a vision that would propel the City to the forefront of urban cities espousing bicycle reforms.

Click here to purchase tickets to the Firefly Ball and celebrate this honor with Suja and Long Beach's bicycle community. 



Bubble - Local-ActionJOIN ME IN BIXBY PARK! We're excited to announce that funding has been set aside by Council District 2 and the City of Long Beach to design and build a new and improved playground at Bixby Park.  Residents are encouraged and invited to vote for the types of play equipment and themes they would like to see in the new Bixby Park playground, which is being discussed this month and next in a series of three workshops.
Click here to see the Facebook Invite: “Bixby Park Playground Workshops”



REDEFINING OUR CIVIC CENTER! The New Long Beach Civic Center Project involves the financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new City Hall and Main Library and revitalization of Lincoln Park into a destination park. The Project may also provide opportunities for private development and may further include a permanent headquarters building for the Port of Long Beach.

As part of the process, we're working to reestablish the connection between the Civic Center and the residents of Long Beach, to make sure we gather feedback on the redesign, and to assist with the prioritization of citywide benefits. We invite you to participate and shape the future of this great city.


Click here to review the Civic Center bids and for the exact dates on these meetings.




Make it a point to shop local! Supporting our local businesses not only makes good business sense but helps our city. For every dollar spent in Long Beach, we're supporting public safety, libraries, parks, infrastructure improvements and helping to create more local jobs.



Bubble - My StoryI was born in Madras, India and came to the United States with my parents in 1977, at the age of seven. My favorite childhood memory is riding with my father on his bike as he drove me to school. All these years later, biking is still my preferred mode of transportation.


With a Doctorate in Policy, Planning and Development from USC, I've been able to work on my other passions - water management, urban planning and creating sustainable communities.


Having over 15 years of experience in the water industry, I've served in policy roles at the Central Basin Municipal Water District, West Basin Municipal Water District and Water Replenishment District of Southern California. Some of the work I'm most proud of has come as a result of my being in public office and helping our city become a leader in green technologies.


I was honored to present a Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) talk focused on my urban planning work globally to shape cities for the future as well as my work here in Long Beach. At TEDx Pacific Garbage Patch, I discussed the growing economic costs of collection and disposal of plastic for municipal governments. At the United Nations and World Bank, I spoke on best practices of local governments to implement litter management strategies and associated costs of water pollution.








Bubble - Community MattersOne of the things I love most about Long Beach is the sense of community. As Vice Mayor, I see it firsthand every day. Over the past decade, we have worked together as neighbors to create a community where we can live, work, shop and even do touristy things without having to get in the car or leave our city. We've made our neighborhoods safer, our schools stronger and our air cleaner while supporting our local, small businesses and advocating for smart, sustainable growth. It's why I'm raising my son in this beautiful city we proudly call home!






lb-logoThe GO Long Beach app is designed to provide Long Beach residents, businesses, and visitors access to City Hall, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere. You can use the app to submit service requests for issues like graffiti, potholes and sign damage. If you're using an iPhone or Android, you'll be able to simply open the App, select an issue, take a picture, and tap submit - the App knows the exact location and sends the issue directly to city staff. There's also GO Long Beach apps that connect you with the Police Department, the library system, animal care services, the airport, and the City Clerk (for voting questions).  Check them out by clicking here.






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Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal
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